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Thread: WHich multi caliber cleening kit?

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    WHich multi caliber cleening kit?

    Hi I have a .17 HMR. 22/10, 243 and 308 and id like to buy a cleening kit for them

    Looked at loads on ebay for 20ish but wondering if any one has any experiance of them.

    My primary concern is cleening the .17 and 22. Apart from a bore snake I only cleen my 243 and 308 once a year because they hardly have anything through them (30 rounds each?) where as I could stick 3-500 through the 17 and 22 easy.

    All advice greatfulley received



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    I've never even thought about cleaning the bore of the .22 loads of shots through it and still shoots great. I bought a tipton carbon fibre rod for the .308 and the 7x57R with a 7mm and .30 jag.
    Buy a 10 pack of tipton brush's, wool mops, cheap as chips, and you are set for life. I only clean the .308 about every 100 shots but do pull through with a bore snake if it been wet.

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    I have a cheap .17 cleaning kit for my HMR and then bought a decent .2 cal cleaning rod with a selection of brushes up to .30 cal for the rest of my rifles. Good quality and does the job.

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    I use a polished SS rod with a good ball bearinged handle and the usual bits PLUS several Fleabay boresnake pull throughs in each caliber for immediate post hunting cleaning.
    The pull throughs are very handy, fit in your pocket (kept clean in a reseal plastic bag with a tiny bit of light oil on the last 4") and preserve the bore should there be a delay before proper cleaning is done. Important if it has been raining on you.

    I'm a bit OCD about cleaning, it's amazing how running round a parade ground with a Bren Gun above your head can make you remember to keep stuff clean.
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