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Thread: 243 once fired cases/brass wanted

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    243 once fired cases/brass wanted

    as titled please if you dont re load cheers

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    PM me a phone number mate. I have a friend who is trying to shift about 800 cases! Some used- some new. Mixture of Lapua, Federal, Winchester etc. He also has 500 Sierra Game King heads in 100 grain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosa View Post
    as titled please if you dont re load cheers
    Hi Mosa
    I dont want to hijack your post for some .243 Brass, but if you get to much offered I would be interested in some also.

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    I will have 50 (maybe a few less) Lapua used cases avaible after the 26/05. Loaded 3 times. PM me with a sensible offer. If accepted the cases will be yours.

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    I have 140 once fired cases in .243 fired through a Sako 75 they are all Winchester (the nickle ones) 35 posted to your door.
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