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Thread: Has a Troll"risen from the ashes?

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    Has a Troll"risen from the ashes?

    It appears that a certain person that has been thrown off this site has made a rather unwelcome return.

    Could I suggest/request that members of this forum are not drawn into discussion with this member and that he is totally ignored.

    That way he may just return to the hell fire.and stay there

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    A very good idea, I have wasted so much of my time on trolls and really I wish I hadn't. The thing to watch is the 'Troll stooge' some trolls join under a couple or more names in order to give the illusion that they have support for their opinions. Its a game that some people put alot of effort into. Why I have no idea.

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    looks like I won't be chomping on some Roe plums after all then!!

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    Re: Has a Troll"risen from the ashes?

    Quote Originally Posted by poddle

    Could I suggest/request that members of this forum are not drawn into discussion with this member and that he is totally ignored.
    hi poddle
    not sure what good it will do
    as i hav noticed with trolls the more you ignore then the more aggressive they become to prevoke a response so it must be best procededure to elminate them as soon as possible as why should you want to put up with some one who feeds of others for knowledge to use as ammo against you
    as i find, people on this site do not tolerate ******** and let you know accordingly , because they hav been there and know what they talking about

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    damn andy i had the batteries on the cam corder on charge just to film this roe plum eating contest guess you won on this one

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    Stone, the biggest form of insult is to be ignored by all.

    Replying just makes their eyes light up, ignore the tw*t and you will cut off his lifeline. How can you argue with someone that will not reply.

    It's what I gonna do anyway. Good luck to the rest of you that choose to respond

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    you are right poddle if we were dealing with decent folk,
    but trolls are different they spend a lifetime in lonliness so to not reply makes no difference as they will just keep on going till they hav destroyed all that is good
    hav you ever sat in a pub and some idiot keeps butting in on the conversation talking sh*te if so you will know where i am coming from as the conversation ends and the evening is spoilt , how many evenings can they be allowed to spoil

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    It's the written word Stone, not audible. and does not affect you unless you bother to read it. just scroll past it.

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    as long as we remember were are shooting from the same gun just the aiming is slightly different but the results are the same one less troll
    take care my friend
    sorry grant
    yes we could leave it all to rob and sometimes mistakes will be made you i know can answer truthfully to that but lets not dwell on the past as new beginnings makes for a better future, and that i can live with

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