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Thread: mike yardleys facebook rant

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    Shame about Yardley. He now comes across as a bigot who is hell-bent on appeasement, like Chamberlain. He seems happy to throw to the wolves certain shooting disciplines and ownership of "scary-looking" firearms just so long as his preferred forms of shooting are left alone.

    Sad that "one of our own" is being so divisive. It plays into the hands of the anti-shooting lobby.

    He is naive if he thinks the death-by-1000-cuts process will ever stop before all civilian gun ownership is banned.

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    A friend says he can never disassociate the words "knob" and "head" in connection with the current discussion.

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    What an exasperating fool.
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    I always worry about anyone who proclaims themselves an "adventurer".
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    What an exasperating fool.
    Exasperating for having done so much as a spokesman against unnecessary gun control in the past and for now seeming to invite it?

    I disagree with MY on this, but -like anyone else- I think he would be much more likely to change his views as the result of reasoned and civilised argument than of aggressive vilification... and if he didn't, it really wouldn't keep me awake at night.

    To my mind, those shooters who abuse people they disagree with and try to shout them down do a much greater disservice to legal gun ownership. No one likes the idea of an "angry gun-owner".
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    Sorry but I think he makes some valid points. We are all under scrutiny and need to stand up to it. We have fought long and hard for free speech but the name calling and bullying is unacceptable but goes on very regularly on here and is the usual reason why a thread is closed by admin and yet most of the posters on this thread have done exactly that (perhaps they would like to edit their posts now?). I shoot in a lot of very public woods and do my best to avoid the public if I can for fear of the possible consequences. MS has had his car window put through whilst out stalking in these same woods and I don't want the same.

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