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Thread: Carron Valley Deer Numbers

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    Carron Valley Deer Numbers

    The mystery about the lack of deer in the Carron Valley Stirlingshire has been solved. An adult female lion has been spotted by a respected academic close to the summit of Meicle Bin. All you syndicate members of the forest run by Ash better put in for a variation for a cannon, will BASC cover eaten whilst out stalking.

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    We had Tarduff forest over the road from the forestry commission bit.....never saw signs of lion.......probably to do with the horses and doggers...etc.

    Doubt BASC will cover anything other than actually getting shot!......i tried to make a claim a couple of years ago when a guests binos fell out the back of the landy when the tailgate fell down whilst driving from one piece of wood to another on a private estate road that had public access. They said that as we were driving and not actually stalking...i couldn't claim...and that my household or motor insurance should cover it!.......
    Fortunately the guest was an aquaintance and was very understanding allowing me to pay for the loss in several lumps.
    Not impressed!

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    Starting storys like that Carron Bridge might fill your hotel well done wishing you all the best but there is no mystery as to why there are no deer and that is because that area is undergoing a massive cull and i am told the FC rangers /Contrators have been told to continue shooting through May When they normally would have put there rifles down.
    All the best to who stalks there your deer will be hard won.

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    Tell us more Choc,

    Some of us just signed a lease near there - Lots of stories going around like this now...


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