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    Well I nearly lost my last spoonful of porage just now, the usual hoiking out of newspapers showing stories & other headlines,the guest speaker (A journo), leads off on a little piece about hedgehogs, in camera the newspaper, LARGE type BADGERS one of the reasons for the falling numbers along with sterile gardenscapes & poisons, the only word/reason not mentioned was ...........?
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    I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!!!

    There's much talk of what the BBC should do about Andrew Neil giving his opinion, well what about Packham etc... who have been doing it for years, either by saying it out loud, or just ignoring the evidence as per this morning
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    They cant admit Badgers kill Hedgehogs as that would be admitting theyve talked out of their collective arses for years and make them look like liars and delusional ,.Wait a minute maybe they are and Badgers do rip Hedgehogs to pieces,oh no cant admit that can we mr Packham
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    all the badgers that were tucking into a hedgehog breakfast, breathed a collective sigh of relief
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    Simon Fanshaw! say no more.

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    I've been watching more tv than usual over the past week, and cant believe how much misinformation is pumped out to the unsuspecting public. I saw the article this morning with Simon Fannyshaw, a hedgehog with its head stuck in a maonese jar freed by the fire brigade, no doubt one of the more important news items of the day.

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    What did you expect from the British B**ls**t Company

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    I have referred to it as the British Bonking Corporation for years.
    Little did I suspect the degree of some of the shenanigans.
    The "licence fee" is a national disgrace.
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    I've all but given up with the BBC!
    They have their heads so far up their a***s and come out with so much garbage, bull s**t and misinformed facts and figures (Where wildlife programs or documentaries and debates about the countryside are concerned) that nowadays if I want to watch some wildlife on telly I look for programs like "Tom & Gerry"!

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