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Thread: Scope for Model 66 Mauser 7mm x 64mm

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    Scope for Model 66 Mauser 7mm x 64mm

    I have a Mauser Model 66 in 7mm x 64mm and its original Zeiss Diavari-D 1.5-6x scope.
    I would like to put on something with a higher variable magnification maybe 10x or 12x.
    I would like to use the same quick release scope mounts that are on the rifle as I would like to put this scope back on depending on conditions and what I was doing.
    So I'm thinking I would need a scope with the dovetail fittings on the underneath?
    Does anybody know if these are available?
    I would love an original Zeiss from the 60's with higher variable magnification so just wondered if these ever existed.
    If not would any modern ones be suitable.
    Thanks for looking.

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    To get that type of mounting your going to have to scour the classifieds and firearms auctions for a suitable S/H scope I'm afraid

    whether Alan Rhone could help you out modifying a newer scope I couldn't say but he does specialise in weird and wonderful scope mountings , sourcing them and making them

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    speak with Alan Rhone - Recknagel make rings that fit the claw mounts - look at their website. The fitting does need to be done by an expert gunsmith - the rings have partially cut claws. You can then add a different scope but not the the front ring will go around the objective bell so you may be limited for length. I was quoted about 120 for a set of rings about three years ago. To this you will need to add gunsmithing costs.

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    If I am not wrong, there's a Belgian gunsmith working for Alan Rhone. He must be able to help you out. These claw hook mount parts are easely availble as single parts. You don't need to buy a complete mount. You also have these parts for the new inner rail mounts made by different European companies. That way you can keep the present scope for closer ranges or driven boar and get a higher magn scope for longer range work. Ziegler mounts also have them and these are imported by Rhone.

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    Big thanks chaps for the replies really appreciate your help.
    I will be getting in touch with Alan Rhone,
    Sounds favourable that he will be able to help me out.
    Thanks again.

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    Have a look at the full Catalogue -

    Page 37 has front rings of various sizes that go around the objective bell

    Page 39 has rings for the main tube.

    To get the tip off correct you will need to mount the front ring at the front of the objective bell - this will limit the length and thus choice of scope you can fit. But saying that your front mount base is quite high and your current scope is quite forward.

    They still make scopes with dovetail fittings various types, but I would stick with a round tube.

    Think carefully though - 1.5-6x42 is a very versatile scope and probably all you really need. I have shot plenty of foxes with my 7x65r that wears a 6x42 Zeiss scope. Yes the 243 with a 4-12x50 swarovski makes these sort of shots a bit easier, but given you will be buying a scope and new mounts you are looking at not a lot of change from 600 or 700 if not more.

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    Thank you Heym SR20,
    I was looking through that catologue last night,couldn't understand which mounts I'd need.
    The Zeiss Diavari range has the dovetail fitting and found one in Germany for sale,but now looking at my rifle I'm beginning to think the scope on it was the one meant to be on it.
    Like you say it is a very versatile scope and its still great quality for a fifty year old piece.
    So i'm heeding the advice given and think I'll leave it alone as the gun shoots so nice now and dont want to spoil it with a modern addition.
    Going to put my money towards finding another barrel in 9.2mm x 62mm for it,seems to make more sense.
    I can never moderate this gun so at some point I will have to get another gun with a moderator so I'll put a bigger scope on that,it never ends.
    Having not much experience of this calibre before buying the gun I must say I love it,dies are ordered and on the way,been shooting the RWS ID ammo and its wonderful, if pricey.

    Heym SR20 just wondering how you came to like the 7 x 65r and what are your thoughts about this round,obviously you cant say too much as everybody would want one and the already sparse ammo would dry up.
    I didn't realise before I bought the rifle how popular the round is in Europe,funny how it never got popular here,but saying that not much from 1917 Germany really had a chance!

    Once again thanks for your time in helping me out.

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    It was a sort of accident. In the mid 1990s I once used a really nice left handed 7x64 Mannlicher and it was a lovely rifle to use.

    I applied for my FAC with 7mm calibre, thinking I would be able to find something similar. I looked and looked and rang up lots and lots of gunshops - pre web days. One was J Roberts and Sons - they had a 7x57 ruger no1. I went to have a look at it. It was horrible. But they had a left handed Heym sr20 in 243. It fitted, it was accurate so I bought it.

    A few years went by. I got a slot for a 30 calibre, but never really found a nice left handed rifle. But I did see a 7x57 Heym sr20, so I varied my slot to 7mm and had it sent up to my local dealer. Some amateur had messed it quite badly so sent it straight back. (

    and then looking at the holts auction catalogue their was my 7x65r /16 combination. Dad rang up asking what I wanted for my 40, well.....

    i won the auction and over the last few years I have a very nice rifle to use. It's not a paper puncher, but it's accurate enough. I have shot roe, red deer and foxes as well as ducks, pigeons and at woodcock with it. I use a homeload 139 gn bullet, but also use RWS 173 gn ID Classic if faced with Big Reds.

    7x64 is a very versitile and nice shooting round. Like a 30-06 but less recoil and not as snappy as the 270.

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    The new Zeiss rail scopes are made to be fitted with claw feet for the older bases, just like your scope. These claws come in a variety of sizes for different actions and bases over the years, on combination, double and bolt action rifles.

    If you sell your current scope, the new owner will have no use for the claws, so just keep them and see if they will mount on a new Zeiss. That will be a cheap solution, because the claws have already been hand-fitted to your bases.

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    Thanks Heym SR20,interesting,sounds a lovely rifle.
    I reckon your going to have it forever.
    Those RWS 173gn ID Classic are my favourite for mine,got lots of RWS brass and found a French website that sells the ID Classic bullet,so can't wait for my dies to arrive.

    Thanks Southern for the advice,found a scope in Germany which has a set of claws on it,but going to keep my rifle as it was in 1967,it's older than me so got to respect it!

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