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Thread: .22WMR questions

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    .22WMR questions


    Does it suffer any of the problems the 17hmr has ?

    It would be for fox , rabbit and Squirel just as a walk around with the dog gun that's cheap and cheerful to shoot as I don't really want two rifles one in .22lr and one in .22 hornet so I'm thinking the .22WMR fits the bill as a one rifle , cheap to shoot rifle using hormady V max

    what hat are your thoughts am I going down the right route ?

    ( I don't want a 17HMR before anyone suggests it )

    and ive got the 6.5 for deer and serious fox control

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    The 22WMR is a very good round for up to 150 yards but it drops off pretty quick after that.
    The only reason I no longer have one is the cost and availability of ammo, although I believe the ammo is more available now.
    I had a H&K semi auto but had problems with the mounting system due to the re-coil, the block was heavy.
    A friend of mine had one in semi auto from Russia or Czech, may have been a CZ, I think, I know it was classed as 'cheap junk' but boy did it shoot.

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    I've had a CZ 452 in 22wmr for over 20 years. Mine was only OK with the 40 gr HP ammo that was available then. I was nearly selling it when the 30-33 gr BT type ammo came on the scene, transformed it completely, very accurate and a good fox killer to 120-130 yards. It is not particularly flat shooting as Eddie says above, and drops off very fast beyond 125 yards or so.

    Ive had no problems with ammo at all, and I rate it a much better round than the HMR.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    More kinds of ammo available with none of the quality issues
    much more versatile than hmr

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    The .22wmr has been around since the early 60's and then along came the .17hmr marketing hype bandwagon in 2002; fortunately i didn't succumb to it.


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    I've used the WMR for years and if I'm honest, for foxes out to a hundred yards it is the perfect calibre and as a 100 yd rabbit they excel at that although if you want to use the rabbit meat I'd stick to head shots as the round can knock rabbits around a wee bit

    i have just finished off my hornady ammunition and now on Remington purely due to excessive powder following a shot on the hornady Ammo, changing Ammo didn't make a huge difference I just tweaked the scope and it shoots sub 3/4 of inch at a 100 yds. All day

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    I have seven of them. My favorite is the CZ 452 American. With ammo it likes it is oustandingly accurate...

    And there is the big difference between the HMR and the 22WMR: All HMR chambers were cut to a single spec for the single manufacturer of ammo. Generally, if it's good ammo it will be good in a particular rifle. 22WMR has been around longer and there are, and have been in the past, many makers and some variatins in chambers. It behooves the 22WMR shooter to try as many different kinds of ammo as possible to find what works best. Always shoot an entire box for evaluation as 3 or 4 rounds borrowed from a friend will hardly get the job done. Once you find what you're looking for don't clean it too much. A scant drop of oil on a patch passed down the bore and a few dry patches to follow will do and not influence your first round accuracy.

    Some 22WMR ammo can ve very fast. My CZ's favorite round is the Federal Classic 30 grain HP. On a warm summer's day I have clocked 2360 fps. Zeroed at 100 there is only a few inches of hold over at 150. Remington Premier 33 grain is slower but balistically excfellent. JAYB and I spent a month killing rabbits and prairiedogs out to 175 yards and more with it. ~Muir

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    I had an Anshutz bolt action in .22wmr in the late fifties and found it very difficult to find ammo anywhere.
    I did manage to find some in Chaplins but it turned out it was some that was taken in by them as P/X with a derringer and the fifty box only had 45 in it, 50gn flat nosed.
    I was not interested in the Derringer but interested enough in the ammo to get my younger brother to run me up there, some sixty miles at the time, on his M/cycle, boy was I cold but worth it.
    I suspect the pistol and ammo might have been a leftover from the ' Friends Across the Sea' donation of various weapons donated by our cousins across your part of the country Muir.
    There were several 'interesting' weapons turning up after the war that were dished out to our Home Guard.
    My father in law was issued with a S&W nickel plated .32rf revolver which wasn't disposed of until long after the war.

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    It must have been the very late fifties as the cartridge didn't make it's appearance here til 1959. I had an Anschutz dated 1964 that I gave to my daughter. Excellent rifle in every way.~Muir

    (PS: Yes the "Lend Lease"" program saw some interesting weapons sent overseas. I once knew a man back in the early 80's who was still PI$$ED off that his 1935 Model 1903 Springfield rifle he 'loaned' to the government was never returned to him. Instead they gave him a Model 1903-A3. Somehow he thought that they would mail his rifle back to him after the war!)

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    I have a cz 512, 22 mag, its murder on coyotes. Its a little destructive on squirrels, and rabbits, head shots if you intend to eat it. I want an anchutz sporter in 22 mag or, if I could find one a sako 78

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