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Thread: Which of these bargains can be imported?

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    Which of these bargains can be imported?

    Black Friday is the big American sale, happily I will be over there next week. The question is what bargains will I be able to bring home with me?
    Cabelas Black Friday 2015 Ad Scans and Gun Deals | Slickguns

    i like the idea of an ar15 for less than $600 (400...imagine) but obviously just wishful thinking

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    You may get a few interesting looks if you come back with the Gun Tote'n Mamas Concealed-Carry Purse

    I took a walk around their Hamburg, PA store when I was over earlier this year, and it's a real Aladdin's Cave.

    Enjoy the trip.
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    I pretty sure you can bring back a PPS! Just make sure you pull it out at airport security to show them!

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    Druid, can you order a CVA single shot Hunter Compact for me about 100 quid for a 30-06 etc feck i bet that would put the sh!tters up a few rifle manufacturers haha
    Ps enjoy yer holiday...

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