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Thread: help save local village pupve

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    help save local village pupve

    This pub is my friends local and the only pup in the village
    It have been bought by a developer and has been closed, he paid 10k more that a local chap who was going to make a go of it. Please help by signing the petition, once 1000 people have signed the Local MP will get involved.
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    I think you have a similar keyboard to mine, or have you been helping out in a more "Hands on " way?
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    That's a lot of money for a pup.

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    For a dag !!! oh pub , In my part of Essex we had the Barling bomber ? YES HE WAS REAL ? at one point in time but not so long ago ? he would deal out justice to the unjust and down right pushy folks, builders that thought that with lots of £££££ they could do as they pleased and there was nothing anyone could do !! there are still barns and other building that were started and still not finished in Gt Wakering and Magner point to this day
    found this on the web :Q "I’VE just come across a grim, very grim indeed, reminder of a terrible series of events that began in this month in 1988 – Echo newspaper clippings about the terrifying incidents involving the mystery person who became known as the Barling Bomber. He – or she – began a campaign by blowing up a new £300,000 house in the village. "END.
    I am not saying this it a road that anyone should follow but ? small villages should remain just that and be part of a village and not part of some ones back pocket.

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    Blow it and blame ISIS!

    “If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

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    I really should proof read, before posting on here.
    Blowing the boozer up, that does sound a bit extreme.

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