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Thread: Dodgy Rabbit?

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    Dodgy Rabbit?

    Cleaning and chopping a wabbit for my Bengal cat found this in the leg tissue of a big healthy looking Buck rabbit. The White 'globules' were intra muscular in a water filled void.

    Any ideas? I've ditched the carcass and sterilised everything just in case.

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    Had similar in a few bunnies, seems more prevalent after population destruction from Mixy, when those recovering are weakened,last one was contained in a large crusty scab on a rear leg, in a Doe, I reckoned it was egg/larval stages of the parasite tapeworm, another one here,although this was a uterine site.
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    Hi Dean,
    I have had a similar experience with a rabbit that had a large intra-muscular fluid filled tumour with a central hard white lump. I too ditched the leg but I cooked up the rest VERY thoroughly for the dogs. This happened a year ago and no ill effects! I assumed it was originally caused by a pellet from a shotgun or air rifle but I have no evidence as I was not prepared to open up the infected tissue! Yours look more like parasitic cysts to me. I too would not have used that carcass. Cheers Jezza

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    Its a stage of a tape worm life cycle we get quite a few round here especially when number of rabbits are high, they are nearly always in the larger muscle groups like top of legs and saddle, some times you can feel them through the jacket just after picking them up. I tend to just chuck them in a hedge if spotted for the foxes to get

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    Yep tape worm cyst ................had hundreds over the years.

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    Cheers guys. Looking into it Herefordshire and Mid Wales are the most prolific areas for this. Bugger!! One more thing to look out for!!


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    i had never seen this until i moved to buckinghamshire. seems to be more of an issue in the spring than at any other time (from my experience), and quite localised as i only ever saw this from rabbits shot in one field on a farm - all the other fields were clear!

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