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Thread: Bullets, projectiles and 'heads'!?

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    Bullets, projectiles and 'heads'!?

    Can I ask a question as this is annoying the $%^k out of me.
    I'm English and have been involved in shooting for 40 years plus gunsmithing/armourer for a number of years. I have a library of reference books, even a copy of the "Gun and it's Development" from 1899 by Greener.
    No where except this forum have I come across someone referring to bullets as 'heads'.
    Is it a colloquial term specific to a county?

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    Even as one who's banged this drum myself before now, I have to say, "not a-*******-gain!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Used to it now, it maybe wrong but I think we all know what the lesser mortals mean by heads

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    Quote Originally Posted by hybridfiat View Post
    Is it a colloquial term specific to a county?
    No, but what chance do you have when morons like these are promoting the term!

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    Sorry I didn't realise it was a problem that had been discussed before.
    I didn't know.

    "never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by ignorance"

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    I'll quietly creep out the side door now............................................... ..

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    As English is a constantly evolving language new meanings for old words are to be expected like people saying some think when it should be something I'm afraid you probably just have to get over it

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