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Thread: Swarovski paralax scopes

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    Swarovski paralax scopes

    I've been looking at Swarovski scopes and to be honest I don't think the information is very helpful. I have a couple Hawke scopes which are parallax adjustable but I don't really know a lot about it. I'd turn the front end until the picture is clear and it would indicate the range. On the swaros it appears to be a turret on the side. I'm assuming it will do the same thing but does it shift the point of aim as well? Can anyone with some practical experience give me an idiots guide?



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    Yes the turret on the side performs the same function as the parallax ring on your Hawks scopes. No it should not change poi (it may on some cheaper scopes tho)

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    Don't rely on the the adjustable parallax to range find though,even on the top end scopes it doesn't correspond to the distance marked on the dial

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    There are 2 ways to adjust the parallax on a scope.
    Adjustable objective, which is the method used on your Hawke scopes, and side focus which is now the most commonly used method - particularly on higher end scopes.
    Both do the same job - they allow you to get a sharp picture at all scope magnifications.
    A well designed scope with either method of parallax adjustment should not alter POI, and if it doesn't happen on your Hake scopes, then you can bet it won't happen with a Swarovski.
    The range marking with both methods are estimates at best - never take them as exact - and if you use your scope with a night vision add on then they are completely useless
    Another point to note is that many high end scopes with side focus often won't focus below 50 yards since they are generally intended for shooting at rather greater distances than that.



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