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Thread: Swarovski V Zeiss

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    Swarovski V Zeiss

    Cant make a decision between the 3 is it worth paying the extra for the Swarovski and is the clarity much better? The scopes I have been looking at are.

    Swarovski Z6 2-12x50,

    Zeiss Conquest DL 3-12x50 Rifle Scope OR

    Zeiss Conquest DL 3-12x50 IR Rifle Scope.

    Most of my shooting is lamping Foxes or in low light conditions and I like a fine reticle. Would be grateful for any opinion from anybody who has used either.

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    I dont think they are the models to compare...if so it's the Swarovski any day of the week...... Z6 and / or zeiss victory are equal in my opinion.

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    Yes, I think those aren't apples with apples. Swaro 3-12 Z4 is best on light transmission I believe.
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    It is really down to which one your eyes like better. Try them both if you can and make your mind up. You will not go wrong with either. I have Zeiss and love it, I like their after sales customer care but Swarovski are very very good as well.
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    out of what youve said i would go for the swaro only because i havnt looked through any of the conquest line and to be honest i wasnt a fan of the duralyt range even tho i am a big fan of ziess, i would say go and have a look through them tho as when i bought my last scope i was hell bent on getting a swaro but after looking through a few i walk out with a ziess

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    It's actually down to what your going to use the scope for. Is it for lamping foxes, or shooting in good light on the hill or poor light first thing in the morning and last thing at night?

    If it's the first two applications save the money and buy a Conquest. If it's the latter spend the extra and buy the Swarovski.
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    Thanks guys, Think it is best to go and have a look but don't know any stockists up her so might hve to make a trip to North Yorkshire.

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    Sorry, edited to read 'buy the Swarovski...'

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    That is the the problem I cover both When I go foxing I am there last hour of daylight right threw until day brake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrumbag View Post
    Yes, I think those aren't apples with apples. Swaro 3-12 Z4 is best on light transmission I believe.
    Yes I watched a video on YouTube and haven't ruled out the Z4 Swaro.

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