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    The day had finally arrived, we had arranged a swap of a days fishing for a days shooting earlier in the year, and my morning started early as I set off at 3.45am, a good run saw me arrive at the McDonald's car park for 7.00am. There I met Geoff, Robin and another stalker looking forward to the day ahead. Things started in a woodland, me and Geoff set ourselves up in a high seat at the edge of the wood while Robin and the other stalker worked through the wood, after about an hour and a half of chatting we were finally rewarded when a doe finally broke cover, another 15 minutes of waiting for the perfect shot saw me take my first fallow, Success!!, I checked the shot placement and was happy that everything went well. Geoff performed the garollock and it was very interesting to see how other people go about things, I certainly gained a few tips. Once we had recover the doe back to sleep the truck we were off again, this time it was me and Robin who stalked a wood with the other two in a high seat, it was great just walking through a wood with such a knowledgeable stalker, we spotted a group of does and then a large buck but unfortunately they had already smelt us and proceeded a game of cat and mouse as one minute they were in front, then they would double back, we never got a shot so as we were all wet by now we decided to head for a cafe for dinner. After a cracking meal and waiting for the rain to stop we made our way to another high seat to finish out the day, on arriving and working our way to the seat it was apparent that the deer were already there, I couldn't make it up into the seat so took it upon myself to crawl along up to the brow to take my shot, once again my trusty 25-06 did its job well and another fine fallow fell where she had been feeding, a perfect end to a perfect day. This was my first experience of a paid stalking day and I would recommend Geoff and Robin to anyone, as I only shoot probably 6 -8 roe a year I do not class myself as an experienced stalker but never did I feel uncomfortable in what I was doing, both Robin and Geoff stressed that only shots I was happy with should be taken, I learnt a lot in that one day, and would highly recommend Sussexdeercontrol to both novices and experienced stalkers alike. Once again thanks Robin and Geoff for a memorable day, all I hope Is the fish are biting next year when you join me on the water!

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    Hi Tom. pleased to hear that you enjoyed the day, I am sure that your shooting will be much better than my casting. Cheers Geoff

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    Toms first Fallow

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