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Thread: Impressive muntjac.

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    Impressive muntjac.

    Found this on youtube. What do you guys think about it? Pretty impressive set of antlers.


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    Noisy little beggar!

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    Definite Gold medal.......Martin

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    You don't see too many 6 point muntjac. The antlers also look to be quite heavy with very good circumference on the beam and coronets and might score quite high. It is difficult to assess the length but I agree that it should be a gold.

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    What a whopper Looks like an old boy from the pedicle length, but what's happened to his tail and what an odd bark! Certainly looks like a Chinese muntie and not one of the other species. Don't know what they must be feeding him for than antler development, what a pity he's in California.

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    Saw some pictures of the British record in a stalking book the other day, not sure what year not older than 2000 though and he certainly looks a lot bigger than the one in the photo in the book...



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