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Thread: Trail Cam ID?

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    Trail Cam ID?

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    I'm still learning this trail cam game - I have realised while a 1 min pause between photos saves me getting thousands of pics, I am missing a lot due to the trigger delay etc.

    I got this, above, this week, is there enough to ID it? My old man reckons a Muntie, I am not sure and think it most likely a dog. I'd like him to be right, there are certainly some about as the next pic was a nice buck.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'd set it to take 2 or three pics or a single shot plus 10 secs of video, which is my preferred trail cam setting. As for the photo ID, all I would say is it's an eyeball....

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    I would say it's a dog too Karl. What would a munty be doing near a pheasant feeder after all? I would just never happen!

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    I have mine set on 5 seconds, one thing you can do is set the unit for dawn till dusk as that is what time you will be shooting at...If it is deer you are after.
    Yes you will load up the card by having it near a feeder, Muntjac bucks have quite a good routine so once I see some slots then out go the cameras.
    Very local to me I have shot 3 Muntjac bucks with the info from my cameras, to be honest I had equal amount of fun with the detective work as pulling the trigger...

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    Thanks guys, helpful as ever, I will see what I can set it to.

    I am trying to see how many foxes are about too so need it 24/7, but the multiple shots or pic and video is a good shout.

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    I'd say both pics are the same animal. If you look closely you can just see the sub-orbital gland?

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    Either that or Staffies have them.
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    Surely you can work out where it was stood and ID it from its slot marks? Looks pretty muddy there?

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    MS - it is on a grass track with some mud tyre tracks, I didn't see any slots around the area.

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