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Thread: Carrying on from the security paranoia thread???

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    Carrying on from the security paranoia thread???

    Who actually takes their safe keys with them when they go shooting?
    I dont but my shooting partner does even though we both take ALL of our rifles with us when go shooting.


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    I have trouble remembering all the things I need to take as it is! I generally put mine back in that certain place where they can't be found. Barring mistakes, of course!

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    I do, keys to safes are with house keys so if I'm out keys are out, if keys are in then I'm in.

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    Nope, cos it is more crap for me to carry and lose. I always feel like the assassin in the terry pratchet novel who loads himself up with all the kit then falls over because of the weight. To be fair most of that is batteries nowadays when after the bunnies. See my post re batteries. and heated jackets. when up the highseat. See my other post re being cold. lol
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    OK That sounds like you all have just one key to your gun safe,s. surely not

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    No I have two sets and both stay at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    Who actually takes their safe keys with them when they go shooting?
    Not me; but my mate does

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archer View Post
    Not me; but my mate does
    Snap, my shooting buddy is totally paranoid, he wont bring his guns to the car if there is someone in the street walking their dog, bin men or workers doing their thing
    He lodges his guns with different RFDs when on holiday and takes his bolts with him!!
    He wont drop his son off at football training on the way to shooting but will make two journeys one without his guns because the football centre journey that is not the actual shooting journey
    He is like a religious cleric continually interpretating the conditions of his FAC as to what where how and why he can shoot!!!
    However he has his good points which outway this paranoia, oh forgot to mention he has moderate OCD as well, picks up dead rabbits wearing a glove and would not dream of gutting them.


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    I think the logical conclusion is to take the safe with you and only open it when you need to take the shot.

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