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    Soon to pick up my .22-250 and later .308. However as I do not have any stalking booked ( as yet) my fao is only allowing non expanding ammo. As .22-250 is usually a varmint round I am finding it hard to find non expanding ammo for it for range practice. Anyone got recommendations- other then to get some stalking booked? Cheers
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    Privi Partisan (PPU) do a 55gr FMJ BT.

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    Politely ask your FEO how you're meant to zero with the expanding ammo. You're not going stalking with the 22-250 anyway I assume?

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    Plan on getting into stalking initial on muntjac/ Scottish roe so .22-250 should fit the bill. Then when funds are available get a .308. Will have a look and see about the ppu. Can zero it at rifle club I am a member of and RFD who attends can bring expanding, I just can't take it away from range from what I understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonl View Post
    Politely ask your FEO how you're meant to zero with the expanding ammo. You're not going stalking with the 22-250 anyway I assume?
    Another way for the establishment to keep the gravy train rolling from Legit People wanting to shoot and to also Justify their own jobs, what to do is book with a reputable company for a days stalking and then ask for both Rifles, If your ok to receive 22-250 then your ok for .308. I just don't understand these Feo etc making suggestions to accept 1 rifle and then apply at a later date for another, as long as you can show that your reasons for use of rifles are what you say then that is reason enough to be allowed the 2 you apply for. Remember that an FAC lasts for 5 years so as long as .308 is on your ticket to purchase then i believe that you have plenty of time to purchase.

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    I will indeed be booking some stalking one the pheasant season is over. My .308 slot will be there for about 4 years after a variation. Previous licence was rimfires.No rush to fill it, prefer to save for a nicer set up then buy what I can afford now just to fill the slot.

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    that's an easy question.
    Hornady Amax in 52 grain, of all the bullets I've tried that gives the best accuracy and hardly any difference between it and the expanding Vmax. Its classed as a target round.
    Best of all you can order it over the phone and get it sent to your address, no need even to show your license.

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    dont see a-max as an option to buy, presume this is if i go down the home load route?

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    Tell him you want to shoot foxes!
    i despair at the crap people accept as gospel from feos!!

    otherwise reloading will open up a host of options

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    sorry, yes the Amax are a home load only option, but like Mr Bewsher says, hand loading opens up a host of options....

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