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Thread: Lost Teckel

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    Lost Teckel

    Lost my Teckel bitch yesterday when we was out hunting on the hills searched for hours and hours no sign of her had to stop an hour after dark (to dangerous to be out on the hill) I left my coat where she was last seen ( a trick an old terrier an told me) I was worried sick , travelled back at the crack of dawn this morning and there she was on the coat what a relief ! Cold but ok if you lose a dog try this

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    Really pleased for you, must of been a sleepless night for you!!

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    Glad she showed up! Its always really worrying when they disappear like that!

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    Great tip, and well done on recovering your dog

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    I can only imagine the sense of relief when you saw her on your coat. That's a great tip to remember, thank you.
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Nice to hear your trick worked. Poor dog must have frozen her little arse off sleeping out on the hill.
    I bet she had a "where the hell have you been?" look on her face...
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    Yea I was worried sick but it's not the first time I've had a dog out over night I've used this trick before and it's not let me down yet, hopefully I won't have to use it again fingers crossed cheers lads

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    Nice one Kai, one of the Old Heeds (76 yrs old) told me if ever my wee dog goes a missing to leave yer Tshirt yer wearing and come back to same spot asap, Glad it has came up trumps for you and glad i've not had such a problem.

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    Da iawn, great result.

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    Wonderful news. I left my roe sack BOTH times ( I am a very slow learner) when my lad left me behind. He either never came near the sac when he made his way to the main road or just ignored it. Once in the vet, once in the police pound. Two completely different areas of Scotland.
    Bloody Teckels, how much do we love them?

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