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Thread: Paid stalking with a difference!

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    Paid stalking with a difference!

    When I say paid stalking I actually mean that I've sort of been paid to go stalking which is rather nice!! (Insert boast smiley here!!)

    One of the clients we deal with has a site a little way away from me and they have a small problem with a few Muntjac. They have had a 3 legged buck mooching around for a few years who has become part of the furniture but it seems that either he, or another one has managed to get one of his legs over and produce some young!! The Director of said site knows I stalk and asked if I would visit and trim them up a bit, but the site mascot was not to be touched under any circumstances or there would be uproar from the staff!!

    So back in late Sept I booked in to a hotel and spent a pleasant afternoon checking out signs, racks, safe shots, etc, and generally getting an idea of the plan for the evening. I found a likely spot where it looked like they had been mooching about and after discussions with security, it seemed that the mother and youngster that had been seen spent the days on site couched down and then moved off into the fields to feed, returning about 5am back to the undergrowth. Thus a plan was hatched.

    I returned to my digs for a nice meal on the tab, then got my gear together and went back to the site and got set up on my sticks on a mound overlooking the area I'd picked out as being likely to see something. With the wind in my face and giving a nice safe shooting position I settled in around 6.30pm expecting to be waiting til last light for my chance.

    You can see the area on the right where I thought they had been hiding during the day.

    Amazingly I only had to wait about an hour before my homework paid off, as to my right about 40 yards away a youngster emerged from the bushes. Luckily I was obscured by some nettles and just had time to swing my sticks around, get settled, aim between a gap and once I was sure it had all 4 legs could take the shot!! You can just see the light underbelly in line with my rifle where it dropped on the spot.

    Young buck approx 4 months old judging by my tooth wear chart. He was quartering toward me slightly hence the shot placement being further forward so as not to puncture the rumen.

    After waiting a while in case the older Doe showed I decided to call it a night, sort the gralloch etc and get back to the pub for a couple of pints as it was part of the deal!! I am now booked in for the same this weekend to do a bit of bunny bashing as they have had a complaint from the landowner next door and subsequent visits will follow through the winter, both on the bunnies and Muntjac, all expenses paid!! Can't be bad!!

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    You Jammy bar steward !
    Well done that man


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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    You Jammy bar steward !
    Well done that man


    Ha ha thanks mate. The Mrs is well happy too coz she is spending the afternoon in the hotel spa this weekend while I'm shooting and stopping over with me while the kids are at my parents!! Win win!!
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    I'd go put on a lottery ticket now while your at it

    Not jealous in slightest ......NOT!

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    I'm not the slightest bit envious of you!
    Well maybe just a little bit jelous.
    No, not slightly, I'm hellish jelous!
    Great wirte up and photos you lucky old buggar!
    p.s. With what on what that would normally have cost you could afford to buy a new hat!

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    You can go off someone ever so quick

    keep eps them happy and enjoy

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    Being in the right place at the right time
    You lucky ______

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    well done ,grrrr not jealous at all
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Let us know if you need a hand...

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