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Thread: Great end to another barren spell!

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    Great end to another barren spell!

    I'm a member of a local DMG and due to the regeneration of the woodland the stalking is rather difficult to say the least. Up until yesterday I was up to double figures without shooting a deer and although I'd been seeing (and bumping) them, frustratingly I was unable to get a shot.

    I got into the wood well before first light and settled onto my quad sticks in an area that has good sign and where last week another senior member had managed to bag a Munty. I tried a bit of calling and I thought I must have upset the stalking gods as about 200 yards away at the end of the ride a Munty skipped across with no chance of a shot!! Here we go again I thought!! Anyone that was out yesterday early will know that it was a tad nippy and after a while I needed to get moving.

    So instead of stalking straight down the ride I decided to double back on myself and take an alternative route keeping the wind in my face. I think, due to my frustration recently I had started to quicken up and not spend as much time glassing as I should have, so consciously tried to take my time. This, coupled with the fact that everything is much clearer through the woods paid off, as I spied a Roe around 70 yards in the trees to my left.

    Now I had never shot a Roe and thus my heart started to race a bit more than normal but I could not quite sex it due to the cover of the trees. Luckily for me I was able to spot the anal tush and she was heading towards a bit of a clearing. I was also able to see that she was quite young so thought that an older Doe may be somewhere near. I got up onto my sticks in line with the clearing in the hope that she carried on in the same direction and I would be able to intercept her path. This she did and when she was in line I gave a shout, which got her more upright and the .308 did the business. Straight away from about 10 yards away the Doe that I assumed was somewhere near bounded off and halted, but I never had time to get onto her too before she dissappeared into the woods!

    Ironically this was to be the last time taking out the ZKK601 .308 which has served me well as my 1st stalking rifle as I have sold it to a member on here. Hopefully it will serve him well too and I have a great photo to cherish my first Roe when I look back in the future.

    Roe really are beautiful creatures (my favourite deer actually) and the ones in our woods are in fantastic condition,


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    Really nic looking rifle and a cracking looking doe.
    Well done that man!

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    Thank you for the write up. Very enjoyable read and congratulations on the successful stalk.

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