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Thread: FEO inspection before installing cabinet?

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    FEO inspection before installing cabinet?

    New to the game and a bit confused. Do I need a FEO inspection prior to installing the cabint? I've been told that it's unnecessary if positioned and installed appropriately and alternatively that it is a prerequisite before installing to ensure suitable placement.

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    Definitely don't need an inspection. Just install it securely somewhere out of the way.

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    Thanks, still a bit ignorant on whether I should install the cabinet before an FEO inspection or should I apply for the FAC then install? I'm concerned that I could fix the cabinet and then be told that it needs to be moved.

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    As above. This time next-year you will be buying rifles. Well If they are happy enough with your application. Good luck Chuck.

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    Hi if you install it out of the public gaze and bolt it to the floor and wall or put it up in the loft as long it is secure don't see a problem if you install it first then contact them saves you rushing at the last moment best of luck

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    If you're happy with 2 visits then you can do it that way. It's not a super stringent examination though. As long as it feels securely mounted you'll be fine. Preferable not to put it somewhere where access is a real chore, as this could result in one leaving guns out rather than putting them away easily after being out. You also th need to explain to licensing officer how you're going to ensure that keys are always secure and accessible by you only - some people use keysafes.

    Have a look at other posts on here about cabinet positioning etc to set your mind at ease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sad_marvin View Post
    Thanks, still a bit ignorant on whether I should install the cabinet before an FEO inspection or should I apply for the FAC then install? I'm concerned that I could fix the cabinet and then be told that it needs to be moved.
    It's just common sense really. Most cabinets are supplied with heavyweight expanding fixing bolts which you use to fix each cabinet to the 'fabric' of the house (i.e. often an outside wall), and as far out of the line of sight of any old scrotes peering in your windows as you can get.

    That way it should be pretty obvious to any FEO that you have thought sensibly about all aspects of security - and can justify your cabinet placement accordingly - and they can't really odds that.

    And then if for any reason your FAC is delayed, you've got somewhere safe to stash those bearer bonds and the wife's sparklers :-)

    Oh, and check on Amazon for "digital home safes" for somewhere to keep your cabinet keys that only you have the code to.
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    The safe storage of your firearms is your responsibility. You should have a police approved cabinet ideally and most makers will confirm they comply, e.g. Brattonsound. Each force usually gives guidance on where to locate a cabinet and you should fix it to a solid base/wall, using, e.g. four rawbolt type fixings. The police checked my first cabinet by simply checking the bolt system - no physical attempt to remove it. Place it out of the way and ideally where its not readily visible. Allow a few extra spaces as you get into the sport, you may want some other guages/types.

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    Thanks everyone, much appreciated.

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    Only thing i'd add is it sometimes seems a bit silly to buy a top end gun cabinet all kite marked and BS standard then store the keys in the cheapest safe u can get, esp if all the keys are in the same safe.
    I thought about the safe option but still prefer to hide them and hide the keys for the 2 different cabinets seperately so don;t have access to rifes and bolts/ammo if they find 1 set of keys.

    U can go online and see folk opening those cheap electronic safes just by thumping them in the right place

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