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Thread: Ideal land for deer?

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    Question Ideal land for deer?

    Evening all.
    on my permission we have a good head of muntys but as far as I can tell no other species
    a quick "low down" on my permission
    it was an ex dairy farm off around 300 acres in northwest Leicestershire
    is still has about 25 % grass meadows as the farmers mrs run a small livery.
    the other 75% being 15-20 year old woodlands. There are ample drinking spot with ponds and streams and surrounding all of this is about 1000 acres of rape/wheat/maize feilds and again Afew meadows.
    the trees are all a native types broad leafs with fruit trees ie cherry and apple. Also many oak trees aswell.
    bordering my permission is a 50 acre wood of spruce and conifer mix
    to my thinking it has ideal ground for most species of deer but may need time to mature as an environment
    I know there are fallow heards about 15 miles away but are well maintained by the estate.
    I different species of deer never came on my permission I wouldn't bother me as to be honest I live stalking muntys. But I thought I'd pick everyone's brain as to what you guys think?

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    Get some trail cams up and I think you'll be surprised what creeps around

    the ground and surrounding area. Sound perfect for most deer

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    Hi matkfox, yeah I think I'll have to grab a couple. There's is a big ride between the ever green trees and the newer planted stuff. There's even an old deer leap in-between them as there used to be a deer park a few hound years back

    Cheers rob

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