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Thread: simple risk assessment document

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    simple risk assessment document

    Evening all,I have been asked by a friend to clear a few foxes from a local golf course that are causing a few problems.His health &safety guys have just asked for a simple risk assessment document.I have never done this and don't really know what they need.
    any pointers or help would be appreciated.

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    There will hopefully be someone along in a minute with a proforma for you to copy, but if not PM me and I can send you a basic form that you could adapt. Essentially you need to think about all the possible risks associated with your activity and then document all the control measures you will take to mitigate them. It doesn't need to be complex, it can just be a list to show you have taken due diligence in controlling everything you can control.


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    Once you've done, don't forget to abide by it...

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    Don't forget to mention "balls"

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    And keep an eye out for errant horses. Just in case you mistake a horse for a fox.
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    Have a search about on the BASC website, they have a risk assessment form that you can use.

    As has been said, just take the time to sit down and think of all the things that can go wrong when you do the fox controlling, make a list of them, then in the appropriate columns write what you do to combat that risk, or as appropriate, write what needs done to combat that risk. Then update it when that task has been done.

    For example, you may consider there is a risk that you may cause danger to others on the golf course. So you ensure that you contact the appropriate person in charge of the course to confirm there are no players or workers left on site.

    Or you may have a problem with dog walkers, so you take appropriate steps to ensure your quarry is indeed a fox, mentioning as appropriate night vision equipment or lamps.

    There may be some uneven ground, fences or other obstacles around. So mention correct footwear, unloading the rifle and informing someone when you go there and when you return, so that if you don't, they can raise the alarm.

    There may be a concern that your activity will disturb nearby residents. So you could combat that by using a moderator and ensuring shots taken are directed away from the houses to minimise noise disturbance, perhaps a less noisy calibre/cartridge and consider whether it's appropriate to inform the police when you are there.

    Most of what goes into one is in all probability what you would do anyway to ensure safety and it might seem silly writing it out, but by listing it you are able to demonstrate that you have indeed thought about it. It should also be a living document, by which I mean that as a new risk becomes apparent, you include it in the risk assessment along with the measures to eliminate that risk. Should you carry on with the task for any length of time, you should also review the risk assessment at given intervals and record this. I do one for a wee pheasant shoot and the risk assessment is reviewed by myself every year before the first shoot day, even if it turns out to be exactly the same as last years.

    It's a bit of paperwork, probably take you a couple of hours to sort out but many, especially bodies such as golf courses now require it. Then if the brown stuff hits the fan, you can show by having a risk assessment that you are carrying out a legal activity.

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    Thanks for all the replies gents and pms.I should be able to get something off to the course with your help
    Ps I hope there are no bambi loving horse owners on the golf course at night

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    +1 over here if anyone has something they could possibly share please as a basic RA as I've got to do one too,

    Many thanks in advance,

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