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Thread: Sako 75 but pad replacement?

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    Sako 75 but pad replacement?

    OK I'm getting my sako 75 upto scratch,I'm not a big fan of the original recoil pad so I would like to remove it and fit one thats better suited. What options do I have and is it bonded on or screwed on,I have had a quick look and can't seam to find any tell-tale sighns of screw holes.
    It's an original wood stock. Ideally I would prefer a synthetic stock as in mcmillan or simular, but funds are tight at the moment.

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    Cheap ones are crap IMO

    pachmayer white line or S. W. Silver Co. Recoil pads.

    vented or not

    you will find there is a void that is easily depressed
    grease a long Phillips head and pierce the void to find the captive screw

    otherwise if no void found it may be glued on...but I doubt it

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    Thanks for that, I will have a poke around to see if I can find the screws.

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    just had a hunt around on mine and I cant see any way it has been screwed
    suspect pegged and glued then

    may need to "tear it" off to break the glue

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    I had a poke around mine also,couldn't find anything. I will stick somthing on it for now and do my best to get another stock that suits me better.
    Thanks for taking the time to help.

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    PKL on here did a very tidy job of fitting a Silvers pad to my Sako 75 & to his credit managed to do it in a way that didn't require the rest of the stock having to be re-finished.

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    LIMBSAVERâ„¢ RECOIL PAD Ruger (recessed stock)/Sako 75/Tikka T-3 Lite, synthetic - Brownells UK
    do a sako 75 pad, should te a straight fit as per their advert and fit the recess. £36+ delivery so probably cheaper then having one fitted.

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    I don't know about the Sako 75 and 85, but the earlier models seem to all have various brands of recoil pads glued to a black spacer plate which was first screwed onto the wood butt stock. So you have to take an extendable razor knife, like a wallpaper knife or something similar, and saw/shave through the glue in order to peel off the old pad. Then you can
    leave the spacer or remove it,
    match up a Limbsaver or Decelerator pad,
    mark the holes through through those pads onto the spacer,
    drill pilot holes into the butt wood,
    fit up the pads and mark them for any slight grinding,
    grind them ( you really need a jig for this, or a lot of practice ),
    fit them back on and tighten them up.

    I just replaced the pad on my L61R .375 H&H with the same red rubber as the original, so I will take a photo and post this weekend.

    You really need to figure where you want to mount the pad, and measure the stock at the wood or spacer very carefully, before buying the closest pad size.

    Let me add ... go look at some videos by Midway and others on how to use a recoil pad fixture, even if you don't think you need one. They show all the other steps I wrote above. I have done these by hand, but am about ready to buy a Miles Gilbert / Wheeler pad fixture tool.
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    Cheers guys.
    Im still looking for an aftermarket stock, still having no joy on the second hand market. If it comes down to it I will do as southern says cut the old pad of leave the spacer and glue-bond another one to it. I'm quite good will the grinder so shouldn't be much of a problem.
    Thanks for the info.

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    You can mark and drill the pilot holes for the Limbsaver, White Line, or Decelerator pad,
    remove the spacer,
    screw it onto a the end of a board with the same angle as the toe of your stock,
    clamp that or hold it (depending on your type of sander),
    and put the new pad onto it with a little amount of contact cement or bolts,
    grind the pad to match the spacer profile,
    remove it and clean of the contact cement,
    screw the spacer back onto the gunstock,
    and then screw the pad into the new holes you drilled.

    For any final touch up with a hand file while on the stock, protect the wood by wrapping it with masking tape.
    Take your time!

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