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Thread: Dogs pads.

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    Dogs pads.

    After some advice, one of my dogs has skint one of her pads, (worn) just wondering if anyone has any tips on healing. She is not too bad when on soft ground, but limping when on hard ground or going round the run in her kennel.


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    hippi scrub is pretty good stuff. just dip foot in it twice a day, allways worked for my springers

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    Same as Tomm, Hibbi scrub from chemist, apply neat a couple times a day and a weeks rest.

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    Alamycin spray .

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    Many thanks for the advice, will source today.


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    Keep them clean and give it time to sort itself out, it is only modified skin after all.

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    Pads heal very quickly but I would toughen them up a bit by soaking in surgical spirit,I have done this a few times with my Whippet that has split an outside toe right back through the web,and Swindon Track vet gave me the heads up.


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    Is alamycin listed for dogs also antibiotics won't speed up skin growth or harden skin will it

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakey jake View Post
    Is alamycin listed for dogs also antibiotics won't speed up skin growth or harden skin will it
    no and you may breed a nice population of antibiotic resistant bacteria. With clean wounds antibiotics are generally unecessary

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    I have kept whippets and Lurchers for many years and always found Mushers Wax to be very effective on sensitive pads.

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