i bought this trailer with the intention of purchasing a quad for stalking, the quadhasnt happened as i lost some ground which would have needed it. Since buying itsbeen stored in the gsrage on its side.

it's roughly 4ft wide x 6ft, and is a very well built home made effort from 4mm angle with fixed sides and front with extra loops welded for strapping anything loaded, it also has a clamp for a jockey-wheel, but i havent seen the need to add one as its fairly easy to move around. I did lend it out to a mate who moved three large motorbikes on it at once (its made for this really with alu channels bolted to the floor) and has a motirbike alu ramp made for it. Tyres are all good inc spare, i have added a lightboard with zip ties but something better coukd be done with the origional wiring.

Pictures sre available on email if you pm me you email addy -

collection only (unless otherwise agreed) from J15 M4

350 ono