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Thread: Bore guide for Sako 85?

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    Bore guide for Sako 85?

    Just seen a thread asking for recommendations for a bore guide to fit a Tikka; I have the same question regarding a Sako 85! The only bore guide I have been able to find does not fit properly; necessitating the removal of the plastic nozzle from the aluminium tube; putting the nozzle into the action through the ejector port, and then screwing it back onto the tube, pushed through the back to meet it!!

    This is far from ideal for at least two reasons: firstly, it's fiddly; secondly, the conical nozzle only seals itself against the back of the chamber, allowing whatever cleaning chemicals used to slop into the chamber when rod and patch are pushed through, unnecessary and at the very least sub-optimal where strong copper solvents are involved.

    Surely SOMEONE makes a bore guide that can a) fit through the back of the action without having to be dismantled first; and b) seal itself against the throat of the bore? I imagine something with a longitudinal section similar to, but slightly smaller than the parent cartridge (minus the neck), possibly with an O-ring seal toward the throat-end would be perfect.

    I recall Possum Hollow did something like this, but they seem to be unavailable now.

    Anyone got any suggestions, short of finding someone with a lathe and some aluminium rod???
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    I got one from Norman Clark in Rugby.

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    Blimey that was a quick response! Thanks!

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    Got mine from Reloading Solutions (Kidlington, nr Oxford)

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    Try the Shooting Shed. I have one for my Sako 85 and it's great. Very well made and a perfect fit.

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    I get all my bore guides from Shooting Shed you can order online, they are made to order and fit perfectly. I have them for Remmington 700 in .223, Sako 85 in .308 and Mauser M03 in 30-06.

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    Thanks. I've checked the website and they look good! By consensus, they seem the way forward

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