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Thread: Golden Retriever for deer?

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    Golden Retriever for deer?

    I read recently that Golden Retrievers were used for tracking deer in their early days of development. My family fancy one as a pet,does anyone know of a working strain that do this work?

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    Goldies are air scenting dogs so I can't imagine that they would be used too often on deer. Lovely family dogs though.

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    One of the best dogs i ever hunted with was a Golden retriver that a friend of mine had. I'v hunted with a LOT of dogs so it does say somthing. But on the other hand i think that was one of a kinde. I'v hunted with Goldies that have been way under average aswell.....

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    What are you after out of a dog? If you want a companion who stalks with you and follows up on your deer then any dog you choose with some guidance will do what you ask, if you are looking for a dog to track for others then I would say do your research and think hard about what you need, speak to yorric on hear about working retrievers he some good knowledge with them.
    With a little training you will get what you are after, don't associate the gun to tracking in the early days and get the nose on the floor to help you out more, let us know how you get on, wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by baguio View Post
    Goldies are air scenting dogs so I can't imagine that they would be used too often on deer. Lovely family dogs though.
    Maybe not as good as others for tracking shot deer but very good for helping you find deer upwind to shoot?

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    Thanks for the advice, I'm looking for a family pet/companion dog that can also be an asset when stalking (roe). My wife fancies a retriever, I think I might be able to work round the dogs ability with a working golden retriever.

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    You have the right idea with a Goldie working strain dog. Their abilities are only limited by your ability to help them learn - There is not much "training" needed - they simply want company & fun. Communication is paramount - let them know what you expect & they will bust a gut to please you. They are the easiest breed to train that I've had by far.
    As a family pet/companion/babe magnet dog you will not get better - period! They love to stalk & do so without noise, stress or fuss. They air scent & can follow ground scent also. They are fantastic picking up dogs, mine go wildfowling with me (they love water!!!). The working strain dogs are very energetic & enthusiastic. - unlike the show strains which are often too lethargic.
    Their colour (especially the darker ones) blends into the countryside extremely well - I frequently look straight past Paddy when he is laid in the dry bracken.
    I've had Goldies for six years now & can't see me ever wanting to change.
    Study pedigrees of both parents properly - easy to do using the "Standfastdata" website (it's free). Also contact the Golden Retriever Club - they are very helpful.

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    I have shot on some field trials where some really good golden retrievers were competing. I also picked up in Hampshire alongside a lady who had a good team that she had bred herself.
    The working strains make good dogs make no mistake.

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    Hi All,

    Also looking to get a golden retriever as a family pet to double up as a stalking dog.

    Can anyone recommend any books for initial training? And any books & courses for more advanced stuff?

    Thank you.

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    Thanks Ian, I may get back to you. I've not trained many dogs but I once made a creditable rough shooting dog out of a lab/collie cross using Michael Branders principle that most dogs can hunt better than you can - they just need to know when you want them to do what, and you need to know what they can do best.

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