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Thread: Countryfile Balanced After All!!

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    Countryfile Balanced After All!!

    A friend of mine was recently down in the Forest of Dean and told me about the activities of boar cull saboteurs there. He gave me a link to their Facebook page ( ) and said it was worth a look. Anyway, while reading this drivel I was interested to see the organiser/head-pixie (read it, you'll understand ) turned down a chance to go on Countryfile saying how it was biased. Several comments follow, all in agreement. Seems we call it 'Countrybile', sabs call it 'Countryside(Alliance)file'. Did you know one of the presenters is even a farmer?? How awful!

    Maybe they're getting their balance about right after all.


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    Very emotive language on sab sites. Strongly held beliefs by what looks like very few actual activists. They are incredibly hostile towards the FC.

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