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Thread: Help required. Any gunshops in the Glasgow area where I might find .30 cal bullets?

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    Help required. Any gunshops in the Glasgow area where I might find .30 cal bullets?

    Dear all

    I am in fairly urgent need of some Nosler 165 Ballistic Tips in .30 cal and am in the Glasgow area tomorrow. Anyone know of any shops in that area which stock reloading conponents where I might find some?

    Any suggestions appreciated.



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    Hi Jon

    Try Alex Dalgliesh in Eaglesham (just outside Glasgow near East Kilbride) contact number 01355 303595. He usually has a good stock of bullets.

    Good Luck

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    About 45 mins from Glasgow is Continental Shooting Supplies 01294 833297

    I'd phone before making the journey but hope it helps and good luck


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    Thanks both

    Very helpful.

    Just what I was looking for. The East Kilbride one will be the most convenient but if no joy there I will try Continental.

    Thanks again


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    Crockett ironmongers Glasgow

    Glasgow field sports Glasgow

    Neil Sutherland south of Newton Mearns

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    Cheers all

    Got a direct hit first call with Willie's recommendation.

    A bit pricey but what price do you put on availability.

    Very helpful and thanks for the suggestions - mission accomplished!

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