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Thread: Primos Trigger Sticks Spares

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    Primos Trigger Sticks Spares

    I have a set of the Gen 2 Trigger sticks and I recently lost one of the rubber feet of the bottom (must have pulled off in a bog) and also the rubber strap that holds the sticks together when not in use.

    Iv emailed Primos customer services 3 times with no reply, just wondering if anyone knows where I could get the spares to replace the ones iv lost?



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    Most American stuff is China production so I cannot imagine spares would even be available.

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    Don,t waste your time with primos, I even spoke to them about the same thing, mine is in a bog in the new forest, they promised to post them as they had plenty of spares, they never arrived

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    Im determined now. Ill ring them if they don't get back to me soon

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    Try walking stick rubber ends on flea bay

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    When a colleague spoke to their customer services dept. in the US recently, he was told they are considered non-serviceable items and parts are not available.

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    Fair play

    Just ordered 4 slightly different ones for £3 so I can replace the lot and a spare.

    Cheers Mate

    Quote Originally Posted by hairlesshunter View Post
    Try walking stick rubber ends on flea bay

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    It is a shame as I found when mine where new they worked great, but it did not take long before they started sticking and not working correctly,they need to be treated really carefully, I gave up with them in the end,
    but saying that I do miss them, maybe one day I will strip them down.
    Smile and more people will smile with you.

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    Tayfix, I have a Gen 2 Tripod Trigger stick which soon after I bought them started sticking........... then gave up completely.

    I stripped them down (which means taking a Dremel to the securing collars at the top of each lower section) and found all three lower legs filled with water and the brake assemblies (for want of a better word) rusted up.
    Soaked overnight in oil to release, lubed up the ball bearing assemblies, dried out the lower leg tubes with a shotgun cleaning rod and teflon dry lube sprayed the lot.
    Working like a charm now for the last year!! The securing collars are held on by sniper fabric tape which allows me to strip it occasionally and check it over and also takes the edge off the noise when you clatter it off the farmers gates!!

    Of you need any more info just pm me.

    PS I bloody love them now!!

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