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Thread: Scam calls?

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    Scam calls?

    The most recent sucker to try his hand on our house phone, " ~~** calling from CDUK", not having any links with anything sounding like this, I ask him to explain himself, he rattles on how he needs to go through security before acceding to my request as to who the hell they / he is / are ................ they never give up!
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    They do when you pop your phone next to the radio or telly

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    get a wistle and blow it down the phone

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    I phoned a local pizza place and placed an order then he stared asking me for sort code, account number,security number on the back of the card and my address. I didn't answer his questions but hung up and checked the number I had called and I was one digit out for the pizza place. I reported him as I expect many more people had fallen victim and given out their full details.

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    I get the 'Microsoft Support' ones quite regularly.

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    I just tell (if I am bored listen, agree how good it is, decide that I wold like the insulation, double glazing or etc.) and that I'll have to ask the local council as I live in rented council/local authority accommodation as in "a council house". You never ever get a all back from the same people.

    If I'm not bored I just tell them straight out that I live in rented/council accomodation and the effect is the same. You never hear back.

    For other calls, PPI, personal injury I just tell them that I do not answer cold calls. As most come to my mobile I simply save the number as "Nuisance Call" and next time it comes up with that as its ID.

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    Possibly the best way I have yet seen to deal with these idiots!

    They are very annoying to the people who are wise to their tricks, but the worst thing is that they do often manage to defraud innocent people (often the elderly) and theres little that can be done after the event.

    Personally I like to waste their time and wind them up when they call me! It amuses me and if they're talking to me they arent talking to someone they might get "lucky" with!!

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    Got a call from CR Smith trying to sell me a conservatory , was trying to tell them I wasn't interested ....couldn't get word in .... They said salesman was coming round ...I never even agreed or got a chance to knock it back .... Should have seen his face when he turns up after driving 2 hrs and found out I lived in a 1st floor flat

    Told him next time ditch the hard sell and get ear telesales folk t listen what's being said ....won't use a company on principle if they cold call


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    i keep getting Santander on the phone and emails asking for my "details"so they can tell me how to avoid being scammed .Never had anything whatever to do with them ever. Susan Smith <with an Indian accent >refused to understand why i wouldnt give em my account details over the phone.And the Nigerians all want me to share in millions of dollars from my lost uncle who hee from Nairobi .its a retard filled world
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan_Terrier View Post
    I get the 'Microsoft Support' ones quite regularly.
    Me too, and they usually have foriegn sounding accents! I find that the conversation gets cut extremely short when I ask them to give me their office address and phone number! It never fails!

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