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    Starlight Archer

    I'm selling my Archer NV add on as I've been offered the dedicated scope I'm after. It's in good condition and everything works as it should. The D grade tube has a very very slight shadow mark which can only be seen when using the monocular as a spotter. If you use IR it can't be seen and also can't be seen when attached to the back of your scope. I will include a T20 IR torch and the necessary parts required to attach it to the top of the unit. I can also add a Leupold VX3 to the deal for an extra 400. This scope works brilliantly with the Archer. I will add pictures later on this evening.

    I'm after 1100

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    Reduced to 1000. It does come with the bayonet fitting it's just attached to my rifle, hence why it's not in the pic

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    Provisionally sold

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