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Thread: Speechless.

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    Believe it or not, this is a REAL product that costs $50.00 from the US.

    Might get one for my level 2!

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    The fugitive is he still searching for that one armed man? I did not know that he was killer of deer.
    Not a hunter for sure.

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    Yum - I can test the bacteria now... All adds to the flavour right?

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    Gave up watching that rubbish, by the time he has got his wee hooky blade in position I have the gralloch done and away looking for my next beast
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    I'd get a cleaner result if I left my dog with the carcass for five minutes and just let her have at it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSimon View Post
    I'd get a cleaner result if I left my dog with the carcass for five minutes and just let her have at it...
    Correct.....sadly i find no suprise that it's a US way to do it.....

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    Buy a license from Walmart and shoot the one beast that you are allowed to = you will not getting enough experience so you will fall for such B/S.
    There are Americans who know what they are doing but this is aimed at the first timers who fancy going hunting.
    Have you ever seen the crepe that"s on sale in Cabelas?

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    Has anyone seen the "Butt Out" devices? You shove it up its bum and twist and pull. What are they meant t do? is there any video on You Tube? Does anyone use them?

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    Thought the same thing, I'd have had it done in 2 minutes with a knife.

    I remember a semi-pro British stalker getting absolutely slated on a US forum because he offered an opinion, the Yanks thought it wasn't possible to shoot a deer in the UK, so what would he know. The guy quietly stated he was in four figures for deer shot over 20 years, this was met with absolute disbelief.

    I seem to remember reading about US hunters bringing deer into "processing stations" to be weighed, gralloched etc.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    OMG what a load of crap.

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