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Thread: mitsubishi warior l200

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    mitsubishi warior l200

    Hello all. Just wondering who has the above 4x4? How do you rate in terms of comfort for moterway driving up to scotland etc and its off road capabilities? Im going to be selling my dihatsu fourtrack soon and was thinking of the above.. is there any ones i should avoid? all the best,


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    Hi Mo,

    In my experiance people tend to favour the Hi-Lux over the L200. I have little knowledge of either. But might be interested in you Fourtrax depending on the pennies

    Drop me a PM or whatever if you are interested.


    "Even at the very bottom of the river, I didn't think to myself, Is this a hearty joke or the merest accident? I just thought, it's wet." - Eeyore

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    Hi Mo

    I've been driving an L200 4Work for three years. It's very comfortable, quite good on fuel, goodish off road and with a trailer (both of which I do quite a lot of) and it's fine on a long haul (I go from Skye to Staffs a few times a year)

    I have a few niggles - small ones though, like the heater switch breaking and the radio being pants.

    But man is it an ugly truck!

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    Hi Mo
    I drive a L200 animal 2002 model. its fine on long journeys, if driven steady i get 27mpg, pulls a big loaded box trailler no problem, i have an annoying problem with the engine managment light coming on for no apparent reason, i have to stop the engine wait a few minutes and it clears. all in all its a good truck. and i would have another one.
    regards Geoff

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    ive just done exactly what your thinking about doing mate, i've just p/x my fourtrak in for a 2006 L200 Warrior, i've only had it a week but up to now i cant fault it, really pleased.

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    I've just resently got rid of my 03 l200 worrior, was a comfortable ride and not too bad off road! but engine management light would come on, some solonoids to do with the turbo went on it. seems to be quiet a common problem with them, would go for hi-lux if it were me!

    atb Robbo

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    I have no idea if you want to buy a new or second hand car .If you're thinking new , there is the new VW Amarok coming on the market soon .
    I've read the first tests in a few magazines and they seem very good . Just what you seem to be looking for , so do I .
    1968 cc , 163 HP , 181 km/h , 0-100 kmh in 11.4 sec . Very economical on fuel 7.8 lit/ 100 km
    Most "testers" give the impression of having seen the best ever pick up truck .
    As they say : the biggest loading room ( not comparing with the big US trucks ) , the biggest inside , very little noise and very comfortable on and off road . Exceptional off road ability , ........ Impressed is the word you read in every test .

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    Like the look of that Amarok - thanks for pointing it out.

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    thanks all for the input.. I may just go for a hilux...

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    If you are going for the new type of either then you wont go wrong with either the L200 or the Hilux. Both very good trucks.

    I have the L200 and its been brilliant, plus the higher spec ones have the power upgrade and you can now get an extended bed version that levels the playing field somewhat

    Hilux has a bit bigger load area but seems to be a lot bigger all round apart from in the back seats where the L200 seems a bit more roomy (didnt make a difference to me because i dont sit in the back!)

    I havent driven the Hilux but when i sat in one deciding what i was going to go for i prefered the interior of the L200.

    Whichever you pick i reckon it will serve you very well but dont get sucked into the 'Top Gear' fever because i reckon that most 4x4 of that sort of vintage would have got through that test

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