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Thread: FAC/SG application

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    FAC/SG application

    Hi everyone!
    just wanting to know if anybody knows how long it take to hear back about FAC/SG certs.
    I put mine in around the middle of september and havnt herd anything back yet.
    Iknow there pretty quick with renewals bacause my uncle got his back quiet soon after.

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    Don't know where yours will get processed but my FAC application handled by French Street in Glasgow this year took nearly 8 months in total. It was nearly 5 months from posting before they contacted me about my home visit.

    Hope yours goes through a bit quicker than that!

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    I think it depends on which area is doing your paperwork! I've seen some folks on here apply for a certificate and have it in their hands a few weeks later.

    Hampshire took about 5 months to do my SGC and I just put in for my FAC today, but hoping as they've done all the checks previously it'll be a bit quicker this time!!

    In fairness to them the FEO did say it would take about that time, and they did keep me in the loop all the way along, so I cant really gripe hehe!
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    I think its inverness that would do the paper work for where I am.

    but thanks for the replies

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    Essex Police giving 40 Weeks for an application ???

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    That's a fair old time that

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    Edinburgh - submitted 3rd week Aug. Meeting with FAC 2nd week Nov. Trying hard to be patient......

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    Inverness should be quicker than whats been mentioned above.

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    Well it was September time I handed mine in and haven't herd a thing yet.
    i know ours get sent to Inverness.
    just trying hard to be patient. Hard thing to do.

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    Do any of you think going in to see the police would help move it on a bit?

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