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Thread: Transporting an air rifle

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    Transporting an air rifle

    I am thinking of buying an air rifle (HW 100s) as a gift for my dad who is presently visiting me from India. He is flying by emirates airlines who mention that it can be carried as long as prior permission has been sought and acquired. Does anyone have any experience of carrying an air rifle on the emirates or any other airlines? Do you need special transport cases? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check if there is any foot poundage limit in India before giving it to him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    Check if there is any foot poundage limit in India before giving it to him!
    It is the same as here and hence not a problem. The only stipulation was that it should be .177 and less than 12 lbs limit

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    no personal experience, but going off what I've read in similar posts, Get everything the airline says in writing

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    I went to work in Pune 2013 and put my FWB 300 target air rifle.177 in my baggage as it is not under license in Germany or India as far as I could assertain.
    Boom - Ethiad airlines took it out of my case at Munich airport without informing me and left it with the desk clerks in the check-in area, ittook me 4 weeks of emails to locate it and get it collected.
    Advice = get a written acceptance of carriage from the airline in advance and double check ref India because I was in the Pune Commonwealth games shooting arena weekends helping out and every spent .22 case had to be noted, India learnt it"s paperwork trails from Raj English and it has stuck.

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