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Thread: Everybody Should Read This

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    Everybody Should Read This

    Just received this in a mail from my local target club, everybody should read and strongly consider signing this petition

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    Deja vu...

    Good to see it is circulating outside of these forums as well though!


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    Signed it a week ago, shared on face ache but not on here, sorry everyone.


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    Yep, got to keep it doing the rounds. I have told everyone I know (with guns obviously) to read and sign.
    Also had an e-mail from the BASC, so they are doing their bit as usual.
    I have had a tikka ctr on order for about 3 months now so a little worried about the 'Tactical' name association!!!
    if Tikka don't pull their finger out its highly possible I have paid for a rifle I might never hold lol

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    Good points

    We the Citizens demand that the EU brings focus on the real problems:
    - That the external borders of the EU are not protected.
    - Our population has groups in it that refuse to allign with our democratic core values and our culture.
    - Illegal arms trade is rampant within the EU.
    - Criminals and terrorists have easier access to illegal weapons than legal gun owners have access to legal arms.

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    I signed already, but now the Mrs has signed

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