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Thread: PVS-14 Gen 3 Autogated, Dipol Gen 2 Laser and DSA

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    PVS-14 Gen 3 Autogated, Dipol Gen 2 Laser and DSA

    PVS-14 Gen 3, single battery.

    The tube is a MX-11769/UV which is a thin film Gen 3 autogated model which has a resolution of 64 lp/mm which is just about as good as it gets.

    Excellent tube with one small dot that I can't even get to appear in my picture, it is as good as anything I have ever looked through. I have owned this unit for about 4 years and haven't used it much, I don't think I have changed the battery more than twice.

    Comes with shuttered eye cup, large padded carry case that will take the unit with the 3x lens and laser fitted and home made picatinny rail adapter to allow the mounting of the laser.

    I will also throw in the DSA with the PVS, it is a modified Pulsar unit that I have shortened and cut to make it fit better and it now works really well and mounts the unit as close to a dayscope as possible, I am pretty sure I have more shims than shown in the pic below so you should be able to mount it on pretty much any scope. One of the shims has been modified to fit the tapered eye bell of a Zeiss Victory scope.

    Price is 1500 posted RMSD and fully insured which I think is good value for a unit of this quality. You are welcome to pick up with cash from SE Essex.
    Bank transfer is fine but if using Paypal you must cover any fees.

    I also have the following accessories for sale but ONLY after the PVS has gone and the buyer doesn't want them:

    PVS x3 Magnifier Lens, this is a genuine PVS accessory and really turns a good spotting scope into an outstanding one, comes with carry case and lens cap.

    180 posted, subject to conditions above.

    Dipol Gen 2 laser, this the best laser I have ever used, yes it is not as powerful as a N1000AP but the beam is much much cleaner and because you zero it with an allen key, it also stays pointing where you want it to. It has a picatinny rail mount, lens cap and carry case. This laser suits the PVS perfectly IMO, it is very small and light and throws more than enough light for both spotting and shooting behind a scope out to further than you can hit anything

    140 posted, again subject to conditions above

    I will sell the lot for 1775 posted or collected.

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    Would like the dipol if pvs sells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s8mdevo View Post
    Would like the dipol if pvs sells.

    I think I have somebody who wants the PVS on it's own, so you have first dibs on the laser, I will let you know

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    PVS-14 is sold

    Dipol laser is provisionally sold.

    3x Magnifier is still for sale
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