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Thread: Driven Boar Slovakia 11th - 15th November 2010

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    Driven Boar Slovakia 11th - 15th November 2010

    This is just a request for info ref Interest in such a trip.
    I was asked to make enquiries by our group of fourteen guns to come up with somewhere different from Croatia this year.
    I contacted an agent and have been offered, based on fourteen guns, a five day all in with three days shooting, no trophy fees and up thirty three pigs over three days for 1750 Euros.
    If more than thirty three are shot then extra would be payable but if less than thirty three, then a rebate would be given.
    Realistically, thirty three pigs over three days would be a good trip.
    The number of missed shots taken would not count towards the pig total as some agents do.
    So far, for various reasons, personal and financial, five of our group are not able to go this year, blxxy volcanic ash has a lot to answer for
    This trip would not be worth going on if less than fourteen guns went, so here is the question.
    What are the chances of making up a party from this site?
    I cannot pay for anybody, can't lend them my passport and cannot let them use my gun so please don't ask

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    Re boar

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    once converted to what is that costing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    Where is the location?
    Is the price per person?

    There is a new English speaking course being set up here in Germany at the moment for boar virgins (Brits, Swedish, Danish and the American servicemen based here) to get all the gen on the - species, habitat, ethics of shooting them, tracking them, also practise on a running boar full boar target shooting range at 100metres in preparation for hunting using actual stalking/driven hunt rifles which could be supplied by the range involved. It is to be located east of Nurnberg in Bavaria and is all inclusive with accomodation and food during the course. Supposed to run 3-4 days and be like DSC1.

    hi Bb,

    interesting... would be worth considering.. costs ???


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    Re course

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    I've been reloading and shooting boar for nearly fifty years so no need for Reloading or introduction to Boar courses or info about them for me thanks.
    I studied for three years to take the German hunting Licence that covers most of that anyway.
    So you just carry on talking amongst yourselves.
    I'll start another thread about a trip to Slovakia
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    Hi Martin,
    Info like that, which you posted, could be very interesting to some of the site members, why don't you get more detailed info and start another thread, I'm sure it would get a lot of interest.
    As for me being an Expert - that is a drip under pressure isn't it ? I may be a drip at times but at my stage in life, I am certainly not under any pressure

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