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Thread: Lamping muntjac, was I breaking the law?

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    Lamping muntjac, was I breaking the law?

    Tonight I shot a munty doe 10mins before last shot. I waited a few more minutes before retrieving the doe and gralloching her. Unfortunately, on retrieving her it was quite clear that she was nursing a young fawn. She also had no obvious foetus inside her.
    Once I had bagged her up I unloaded and slipped my rifle before heading out of the wood using my head torch to light the way. I hadn't gone 20 metres when my head torch picked up the eyes of a couched up munty fawn which I figured was only days old. I looked away and retreated a good distance before un-slipping and reloading my rifle. I then lit up the eyes of the fawn and dispatched it. By this time I was probably 30mins after last legal shot.
    I'm now wondering if I could have been nicked for lamping deer?

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    Only if you did it in front of a copper

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    are muntjack not clased as vermin as there are no closed season on them as they are not native deer they are vermin

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    Well you would not of been nicked if you had not told the WWW, I don,t know the status of muntjac, but would have thought that if it was to prevent suffering then you would have a good defence if someone was petty enough to take you to court.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith View Post
    are muntjack not clased as vermin as there are no closed season on them as they are not native deer they are vermin
    The reason that there is no closed season on Muntjac is because they reproduce throughout the year, not because they're vermin. They fall under the deer act as one of the UKs 6 species..

    All bets are off (in terms of method of culling, time, season etc.) when it comes to preventing further suffering, although that is normally based around an injured animal scenario. I guess its open to interpretation really but wouldn't really want to try and have that conversation with my FEO or a judge..

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    Best practice is to only shoot muntjac does that are obviously pregnant , thus avoiding orphaning dependent young, could seriously restrict your doe cull of course.

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    Watch out for Yoda...

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    Humane dispatch. (It's often dark at an RTA).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old-YOP View Post
    Humane dispatch. (It's often dark at an RTA).
    Some interesting comments so far, but this is correct.
    Humane dispatch on deer welfare grounds contains exemptions for killing deer at night or out of season. However, muntjac are certainly NOT vermin and come under the same deer laws as indigenous species.
    The deer would clearly not have survived without its mother for very long. Predation by foxes or starvation would be the most likely outcome here.
    You made a very good (and lawful) decision! Well done.

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    A very good and humane call in my opinion
    Regards pete

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