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Thread: Steyr mannlicher 308

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    Steyr mannlicher 308

    Testing the water as my pals just got a merkal and I gotta have one now fabulous rifle
    so I need To make way
    steyr pro mountain mk II
    .308 Win
    synthetic stocks x2 factory stocks, the original and an original with varmint channel so fully floating
    good condition ,T8 bush ring on barrel but not bad
    threaded 1/2unf 20 I think .
    warne mounts and 30mm rings
    x 2 magazines
    ive shot a lot of deer with this and it now clover leafs with geco 170sp if I do my bit .(cheap to feed)
    smooth slick bolt with two stage safety
    could possibly supply the mod too .
    rifle only 500 throw in the mod 575
    rfd at your cost or try before you buy and face to face sale
    cheers Norma
    pm your email for a few pics

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    Sold to Madfish
    happy hunting
    cheers Norma

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