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    After my all inclusive holiday from 6th oct til the 13th October I thought I am gonna cut out all the crap I usually ram down my neck, I gave up coke, bread, crisps, chocholate, desserts etc etc, still had my dinner as usual,for lunch I have chicken or ham with mayo light and some raw carrots, I weighed in 4 weeks after and I had lost 1st 2lbs,I weighed again last sunday and I lost a further 4lbs, still doing the same this week, ive not been hungry, ive now shed the weight I put on after stopping smoking just over 2 years and 6 months ago, I was 13st 10lb last sunday, my belly has gone and I am dead sexy again
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    Just don't give up drinking , you will waste away !
    seriously though, I gave up booze for a month last January and I started to have a massive sugar craving. Not good. Back on the sauce as soon as I could after that.

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    I needed to lose weight before I snapped my Achilles , now just this week back on my feet , no cast etc,9 weeks of sitting bored yes I've put on but not as much as I thought , maybe 6 or 7lbs
    But hell I love my grub, need to figure summit out , without hunger

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    I have 2 or 3 pints of thatchers gold a week, never been a heavy drinker, get drunk occasionly,ive quite enjoyed doing the detox, never thought I had so much wheel power, oh cheese, gave that up too, I love the stilton type stuff, extra mature stuff too,half a packet of water biscuits and alot of butter disappear in no time , Ive always been a glutton

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    sauer,all the best. Noli nil illegitimus carborundum.or something like that.jc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highlandsjohn View Post
    sauer,all the best. Noli nil illegitimus carborundum.or something like that.jc
    Had to google that , so no sure if it's right but
    Equates to
    Don't let the bar stewards get you down ?
    I'm in good spirits despite everything .. I'm healing I'm overweight but not Grossly so ...
    You have to be ..... Doesn't matter what **** going down .... There's always someone worse off !!

    All the best to you & yours

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    sauer,Yea its politely right, Surviving 9 weeks of it has got to be a hard sentence. Cabin fever kicks in with me after a couple of days. Hope you have mates to get you out an about. ATB.jc

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    Hi jc
    Yeah pals all been speaking regularly but tbh they been very busy themselves & they are about 50 miles away .
    Have very understanding wifey & 2 young special need kids so kept busy .
    Just been trying to keep up for others as well as me ... Back to work ( abroad) hopefully 16thdec. Got a lot of recovery too but canny , reckon I'll be aware o this for rest of my natural , but getting back to the thread it's another reason for getting weight down, less weight = less stress on the joints !
    Diet isn't bad at all , snacking however
    I've yet to meet anyone e who can demolish crisps like I can


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    Crisps I like, kettle crisps mmmmmmmm , family size bags

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