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Thread: Building High Seats for Deer Control - Day training course.

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    Exclamation Building High Seats for Deer Control - Day training course.

    Hi Folks

    This doesn't quite fit into the 'late availablility' section, so, with MODs permission, here goes:

    Date - SUNDAY JUNE 6th.

    We will shortly be running another one day 'High seats for deer & fox'' course at 75 per person. Please get in touch on if interested in more information. The course will be held here in Devon, and naturally the cost includes your lunch!

    We will deal with constructing free-standers that fold flat for transport into site, 'lean-to' versions that offer easy construction and cover from view, as well as protection from the weather - and finally, fully enclosed permanent German style 'Kanzeln'. There are also other options that may be more appropriate to your shoot, like the highland 'Doe Box' or Schirm. All of these will be discussed and built during the day.

    Easy to construct and transport, offering comfort and a steady shooting position - they are often the safest way to shoot an area, and at a unit cost @50 for a double seat, are very economical!

    During the day, we cover design, construction, siting and maintenance issues - as well as the H&S & liability concerns that every stalker must be aware of.

    By the end of the course, you will have built the three basic high-seat models and will have an appreciation of all the factors concerning high-seats.

    It will be a great day out, working & forming friendships with other stalkers/pest controllers, and you come away with a lot of practical knowledge - as well as the designs and cutting lists for every high-seat you might need to build!

    The day will end with a light-hearted shoot from one of the stands, & with a sweepstake to add a bit of interest, bringing your c/f rifle is a must.

    We have excellent food and accommodation on-site & also offer excellent Roe stalking if you want to make a weekend of it down in these 'yer parts'!


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    Thanks for the interest Gents - Confirmation Emails will be sent today.
    It now looks likely that the course will be held on SUNDAY 6th June - original post has been altered to reflect this.


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    Thoroughly reccomended.

    I did this course a year ago, well worth the effort.

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    Now that the date is the Sunday, I may be able to make this, but will have to confirm nearer the time...


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    No, I definately said that ALL equipment would be provided!

    Good to hear you are still out there - Jo is missing our visits to your place!



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    Ian, you and Jo are welcome here any time; you know that. I must try and access those photos Jo took, I think I have a need for some of them to help with a project. I'll give you a ring soon.

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    Hi All
    I attended this last year, I have built stacks of seats over the years (mostly steel) still managed to learn quite alot.

    I've built half a dozen wooden ones since the course and very pleased with them.

    I would recommend anyone wanting to build there own to attend.

    No forgetting to mention Ian and Jo were great hosts.

    Cheers Wayne

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