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Thread: .22LR CZ452 length of pull

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    .22LR CZ452 length of pull

    I have a CZ452 in .22LR which I'm very happy with; seems well put together for the money and consistently delivers 25yd groups the size of my little finger nail . . .

    It is the version with the rather basic synthetic stock.

    The only problem I have with it, is that I find the length of pull just a little short. Maybe historically rim-fires have been designed with youths in mind and are accordingly a little short i this respect; just like many air rifles?

    I'd like to increase the length of pull slightly without getting a new stock, as in all other respects I find the one supplied entirely adequate. The only problem is that the butt pad seems glued on to the end of the butt and I have no idea how to remove it, to enable me to either insert some form of spacer between the butt and pad, or attach a deeper butt pad.

    I'd greatly appreciate some advice from 'the team'!

    Advance thanks

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    Hiya, I have the same rifle, ( CZ Silhouette) and have no problems with the LOP on it..but just got mine out of the cabinet to look at the butt pad...I cant see a way of removing the rubber pad without a bit of, maybe a trip to your local gunsmith is in order...if it was a much longer LOP you needed, i.e. 1/2 to 3/4" a "slip on" butt pad would be all that's needed...

    Sorry for being no help at all...

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    I reckon you're right; looks like a slip on butt pad . . .

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    Anyone else have any thoughts?

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    Is the pad definitely glued on and not held in with screws but hidden within the rubber through small holes? Similar ones in the past it has been a case of lubing a screwdriver and sliding it into the blind hole to find the screw head!

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    No holes at all that I can see

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