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Thread: Lost deer

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    Lost deer

    Well had a crap week at work and then to top it off I lost my knife whilst frantically trying to find a fallow doe, I had waited for 40 minutes as the herd knew something was up I picked out a young cull doe target area was the neck only 80yds away, she dropped on the spot as quickly as I reloaded she got up staggered a little then ran like the clappers searched for two hours with my dog no sign no blood no hair, I feel awful felt like throwing my rifle in the ditch I'll be up there again tomorrow, as my bestest said you stalk deer long enough things like this happen and if you didn't care you shouldn't be stalking.
    Just thought I'd share this cheers 😢

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    Good luck tomorrow, I hope you find her

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    Cheers bud

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    Your bestest is right. Just this sort of sh*t happens - and has happened - to us all. Sleep on it, then head out fresh in the morning. With any luck you'll find your knife *and* your fallow, and stalk into another deer or two while you're at it.

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    bijssg, Good luck I'm sure you'll find her. Not the first or the last.
    I had a very similar situation. My dog and I looked after her trail for a couple of hours, finally giving up.
    We came back to the shot site to pick up my sack and found her lying stone dead five yards in the opposite direction in deep heather. The (obviously now) second doe I didn't see, had ran off and I mistaken her for the one I had shot.jc

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    Nice one old top thank you

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    Well done for you wanting to go back again tomorrow to look for her. As you have quite rightly said if you stalk deer long enough then this sort of thing has a very good likelyhood of happening, and if you don't care for the welfare of the deer then you might be better just shooting at paper targets!
    Well done for sharing!

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    Why not contact one of the deer dog blokes on here they would probably be more than willing to help you, hope it ends well Jake

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    Probably the biggest cause of truly 'lost' deer. Was it a low or mid neck shot by any chance? The spinal column sits very low down in the low neck. The shot passes through the flesh behind the spine and the shock knocks the animal over. It then gets up and runs as described! It happens particularly with less frangible soft point bullets as they hardly expand if at all. There is no large exit and hence no hair. No major organs are hit and no major blood vessels hence no blood trail. The only consolation is that many deer hit in such a manner will recover, especially at this time of year when fly-strike is unlikely. It still feels awful and I've been there and feel for you. If you don't find it very nearby tomorrow, I doubt you ever will. Worth giving the UKSHA guys a call though as their dogs don't necessarily need a blood trail to follow and they'd probably leave one like that a good while anyway.
    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    The shot passes through the flesh behind the spine and the shock knocks the animal over. It then gets up and runs as described!
    ive had this happen on a roe buck with a high neck shot he was standing in crop and only offered a shot to the neck, im not sure if he moved or i f??cked up he hit the deck then jumped back up shacking his head as he ran off straight over the brow of the hill and over the boundry and out of sight i quickly reloaded made sure i had my phone on me to ring for a dog and was ready to give chase when he came running back obviously a bit disorientated by his ordeal he ran out of the crop where i managed the stop him with a shout and he was dropped with a chest shot, the 1st shot was around 65 yards, im an experienced shot and know my kit but this very nearly went wrong for me it happens bijssg i got lucky with this one and hopfully you will with yours

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