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Thread: tikka t3

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    tikka t3

    Thinking about getting a tikka t3 anyone got one and would you recommend it? Looking to pay around 1500 for a full set up if anyone has any other recommendations

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    Tikka T3 lite synthetic stainless, optilock mounts, second hand glass (s&b or swaro or zeiss) dpt mod. My T3 is the most accurate out the box rifle I have ever had.

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    Buy S/H eigher tikka or sako with the spec mentioned above and have loads of money to go stalking left over

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    tikka t3

    My t3 is my favourite rifle.

    T3 varmint
    Ase mod
    Swarovski z3

    Came in at less than 1100 quid. Leaves you some left for stalking too.

    Shoots a ragged hole at 100 can't fault it

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    Got 2 can't complain about the out of the box accuracy.

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    I have a T3 lite in .308

    Pros: Very light, nice to handle, 19in barrel means that even with a big mod the rifle is not too long. Secondhand you'll be looking at 600-800, so plenty of cash left from your budget.

    Cons: factory 19in barrel too short to accelerate a .308 round with the usual .308 powders to high velocities. I am getting about 2680 fps with my current 150gn loads. The rifle really doesn't like anything faster as the groups seem to explode with higher loads. Bullet drop dramatic at 200+ yards.
    Accuracy (at least with my T3) is not as good as most people seem to claim. Handloads just about get into an inch at 100 yards and factory 123gn sakos were hitting 1.5" (most going into 1" with occasional flyers).

    The rifle does the job for the money and you can always sell it if you don't like it - there is always demand for them.

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    You won't go wrong with a T3 - it's probably the most common centrefire rifle in the country.
    Great out of the box accuracy, well made and reasonably priced.
    Plenty of good second hand rifles around, so you can spend more money on good glass and buy some stalking.



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    I have a tikka 695 in 25-06 cal and had it for about 15 years and can't fault it, still going strong and I use it for stalking all the time. I recently bought a Burris illuminated reticle 3-12x56 for said rifle last year and am very pleased with it, I was a bit concerned about how good it would be as it was not too costly and thought it might give problems returning/holding zero but brilliant buy and works well for me.

    Cheers Andrew

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    I love mytikka, never had any accuracy problems with it, I've only shot PMC factory ammo for cases and I hand load now. Factory ammo shot under an inch/100yards hand loads are better.(when I do my bit) only minor thing, the bolt shroud being plastic looks like it could break easily. I haven't broken mine yet.

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    I have three T-3 Lites: A blue 223, a stainless 308, and a blued 7mm-08. Fantastic rifles. All mine topped with Zeiss glass. I think they are the best buy in a good, accurate hunting rifle.~Muir

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