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Thread: Johnny "bloody" kingdom

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    Johnny "bloody" kingdom

    Just been watching that Johnny Kingdom, well, I am affraid i had to watch it with the bloody sound off, he does my friggin head in

    He was sat in that log cabin waiting for brock with them two old farts he knows, no wonder they didn`t see owt, they couldn`t keep shtum either em I don`t think they know what it`s like to whisper, old Johnny kept telling them to keep quiet but no, and when a roe doe came out she had them sussed and off she went.

    Mind you, he was alright telling everyone else to keep quiet but when it came to him filming brock on some other ground he was having to give a bloody running commentry.

    About 10 years ago i did actually think the man was okay, but nowadays his voice grates on me. It`s only my opinion but it`s always the same with these wildlife cameramen, they start off very well, amateurish which we can all relate to, but as soon as they get lots more airtime that`s it, up there own arses, he`s another one, Simon bloody King.


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    He is a naive pillock that knows nothing about the subject that he makes a living from.
    How the hell he ever got signed to the BBC I will never know. I watch him only to see what other dopey, stupid comment he will make next.

    The Beeb have paid him enough to buy 50 bloody acres of land, and now we see him ramming cameras down badger setts.
    I thought badgers and their sets are protected and must not be disturbed?

    He was in conversation with my father at one point when he was trying tp locate hares. I mean for christ's sake, he does not know where to find a bloody hare! what gives man?


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    The trouble is i expect the rest of the country that watch think all of us that live in Devon are that F-----G stupid and inbred.

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    So it`s not true then Tony?

    Just remembered, looks like he has treat himself to a new 4x4, jeep i think, courtesy of the license payer.


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    I can't bear to watch the guy, it's painful.

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    hes doing well on it thats for certain,you would think he was a steel worker the money has got. im dead now

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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308
    hes doing well on it thats for certain,you would think he was a steel worker the money has got. im dead now
    I`ve got my eye on you tika lad
    Bloody grafters us


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    Yeh sure you are wadas Bloody whippet walking flat cap bitter drinker

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    you are right there wadas i saw the documentary 'the full monty '
    i think it was titled

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    I tell ya what, before much longer he is gonna have enough money to be able to go out to lunch with Sikamalc.

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